Saturday, July 18, 2009

If you Don't Tweet on Twitter You're in Trubble

Why should you use Twitter as part of your marketing plan for your blog? Here's 10 reasons:

Reason #1 - According to a Nielsen Report, in February 2009, Twitter had nearly 7.1 million users. That's a lot of viewers to read your marketing message - especially when it costs you nothing.

Reason #2 through 10 - See Reason #1 above.

Once you become a Twitter user and tweet (post) regularly within the 140 character limit, you are hooked. It's a cross between blogging and instant messaging. You add value to your tweet by including links to your blogs and websites.

You gain exposure for your sites, market your products or services, ask and/or answer questions, share tips and resources, meet and connect with others.

Go to and get your own Twitter account today. Because 140 spaces is so easy to fill, you will want to shorten your blog name as much as possible. Here are some possibilities. Go to (8 spaces), or (5 spaces) or even (4 spaces) to make your URL as short as possible. Example: my blog: becomes giving me 14 additional spaces to work with.


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