Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Would You Like to Make $5,000 or More a Month Posting Links on Google?

Make $5,00 a month? Of course you would So would I.

This headline and blog has been appearing all over the web on various websites as well as Twitter since the beginning of the year. So I investigated. Wouldn’t you.

It’s a downright, outright scam. I located five websites offering the same “Google Cash Kit” with information for $1 or $1.97.or $2.95. There may be many more.

The websites I located are:
JoshMadeCash.com (Josh Parker)
ScottsMoneyBlog.com (Scott Hunter)
KevinGetsFree.com (Kevin Hoeffer)
EarnCashFreewithGoogle.com (Danny Goldberg)
JoansMoneyMakingStory.com (Joan Falletta)

Each website is practically identical with regard to the copy and the offer. Josh and Scott have different names but the same photo.

All lost their jobs recently and are making money (?) with the Kit. The copies of supposed $5,000 checks each received are identical and spurious, not genuine. (I love that word. ‘Spurius’ in French means bastard.) The checks shown on separate websites all have the same date, same amount, and same check number. What an amazing coincidence.

One more thing – the routing number on the check is fictitious.
Although the offer states you will pay only $1 to $2.95 for the kit, you will find your credit card charged for $49, $59 or $99 with additional monthly charges thereafter. Even so, many buyers never receive any Cash Kit.

If you have encountered anything like this, please make a comment and tell me about your experience – it may help others.

I know I promised to tell you all I know and learn about being a newbie blogger but when I discovered these sites, I was furious. How dare these folks (it may be only one ‘folk’ with numerous aliases) scam readers who only want to find a way to make some additional money in these difficult times.

I’ll get back to blogging tips and strategies with my next post. Stay well.


  1. Mea culpa, mea culpa. I know it's Google - not Gooigle. Although Gooigle has a certain ring to it - a flamboyance. But my spelling error does underscore a very important point when writing a blog. Be certain to reread it several times before publishing.

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